31 July 2015

NEON and the LAST Last Tuesday Society

Last Tuesday Society
Pimp my play: Romeo + Juliet
25 July 2015

Photo by Hanh Tran

To celebrate the last night of the  2015 MTC Neon Festival of Independent Art, the Last Tuesday Society pimped Baz Lurhman's Romeo + Juliet and re-interpreted Saturday as Tuesday.

In true Last Tuesday fashion, it was far better than any version of R + J that has been or ever will be.

Bron Batten was Juliet as an angel – and it got her a pash; Poet Laureate Telia Neville brought the iambic pentameter and a bit of class to the night; Mish Grigor was drag king Leonardo; the Burnt Sausages sizzled; and new Last Tuesdayers included Isabel and Rachel, Little Ones Theatre, and the Year 9 class from Candlebark school that's run by John Marsden  – John fucking Tomorrow when the war began Marsden!

I don't think anything has left me as confused and insanely happy as seeing John Marsden's year 9s end the last Last Tuesday Society.

After the final cheers, Rich announced that after eight years, this was the last Last Tuesday Society. I'm caught between being devastated and thrilled because so many Last Tuesdayers have gone on to develop amazing careers and I'm pretty sure that, at least, some of that success comes from being free to do whatever they wanted at Last Tuesday Society nights.

Neon party photo shared by Brett Sheehy on Twitter. I can see my arm.

Last Tuesday highlights have been many: Bron singing "Red Headed Woman" at Pimp my play: Don's Party; Zoe Coombs Marr and Mish Grigor at the same Don's Party; every damn list written by Matt Kelly and Richard Higgins; The Caravan of Love dressed in black PVC singing Beyonce; The Suitcase Royale playing at the Xmas Party in the hotter-than-hades space somewhere in the city; Rich calling us cunts; the one I missed where Sisters Grimm screened a claymation and Declan Greene told me how 300 hipsters all choked on their beers at the same time (and I still scream when I watch it); Richard Watts Santa at the Xmas parties; every sign Bron made; and the rat running over a beam above the stage at the Convent as Tina Del Twist had no idea what we were laughing at.

But all great things blah, blah blah and I can't wait to see who takes up the challenge of welcoming Melbourne's most wonderful independent artists to perform once a month in any pub, hall or theatre that will let them.

(Isabel and Rachel, I'm looking at you!)

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