04 August 2014

A moment in yarn

A moment in yarn
Sayraphim Lothian
as part of Craft Victoria's Craft Cubed festival

Craftivist Sayraphim Lothian says A Moment in Yarn is a participatory craft experience; I say it's absolutely beautiful – and when she does it next, you must book your spot.

The experience is simple. You sit down with Sayraphim and she asks you to tell her a happy memory. I told her the story about how I eventually got my cat Flue. She asked me some specific questions and as she started crocheting, we talked about our pets.

A few minutes later, she handed me my finished square. It was immediately something precious to me because in it I could see a story that's mine.

We get so caught up in trying to tell complicated and universally-meaning stories and often wonder why they don't seem to connect.

Here a connection is made instantly and unguarded emotions and a memory are made solid by some scraps of yarn and a short conversation.

It's so beautiful.

So please, the next time Sayraphim does it – venues and events, you can book her – take family and friends. Use your square to start a rug or a use the squares made for your family to make a cushion cover. Whatever you do, you will want to do something special with something that looks like a scrap to anyone else.

Mine is the perfect size to put on top of the tin that holds Flue's ashes.

Her eyes are in the centre, the white bits are her, the middle is the colours of the first collar I bought her, and it's held together by me in black clothes that were always covered in white fur.