21 April 2019

MICF: Vanity Fair Enough – Margot Tanjutco

Vanity Fair Enough
Margot Tanjutco 
20 April 2019
Malthouse – Mini Merlyn
to 21 April

Margot Tanjutco

Another night at MICF, another kick-arse feminist musical comedy show by another kick-arse middle class anarchist feminist.

When Margot Tanjutco (from Romeo is not the only fruit) discovered that fashion can be far more than something to attract people, she found a new home on Instagram. And she's winning Instagram (@margotxmargot) in a way that might get me away from the middle-aged-journalist haven of Twitter.

So to prepare for Vanity Fair Enough, she shopped. The transparent green plastic bum bag (I can't call it a fanny pack) was totally worth it just to hold her sunnies. She'd ordered the pants she wears within a minute of seeing them on Instagram. She also knows her shopping and regular re-branding is assisted by her still living in her childhood bedroom in a two-income household where neither are hers.

Identity and how we express it. The conflicting pressures and assumptions never go away.

Margot quickly found out that being queer woman of colour meant she wasn't going to be allowed to simply tap dance and sing roles written for young skinny white women pining for handsome men. When Margot studied musical theatre, there was all this pressure on her to think as well.

And write.

When the canon doesn't acknowledge you, you create work for your voice and experiences.

Margot embraces and rejects and questions and loves all her contradictions. You can want to end the use of all plastic packaging and get over excited at a package arriving and wrapped in more plastic than all the single-use bags you haven't used at the supermarket this year. It's possible to have an identity that isn't what the world expects you to be.

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