26 September 2008


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26 September 2008
Festival Club, Arts House

Forget the rides at the Melbourne show, and jump on the Zoetrope at the Fringe Club.

Zoetrope is an experience, not just a performance. Creator Telia Nevile is determined to make audiences a much more integral and interactive part of the theatrical experience, because “the give and take of energy and emotion is what gives theatre its incredible buzz.”

Closed into a white picket fence enclose, her audience have to chat, communicate and move – just to fit everyone in.

Nevile and dancer Emily Amisano jump into the ride and the trip begins. Inspired by the smallest moments in daily life, they present identifiable glimpses of love, banality, boredom, passion and crudity – each tripping and effortlessly blending into each other.

As the performance happens outside of the enclosure, the assembled group juggle positions and taller folk happily squat and move, so that everyone can see the Zoetrope whimsy. The reactions of the assembled audience, and curious onlookers, are as much a part of the show as are the performers. “It’s exciting to make a show that pushes you as a maker and a performer, and it’s wonderful to watch how the audience reacts to it each night,” says Neville.

Now, it is possible to watch Zoetrope for free in the Fringe Club - but it’s like watching a roller coaster – you have no idea what it feels like unless you give it a go.

It’s only $5 for a spin (as much as beer) - and you’ll come away with a pretty cool better buzz, without any risk of hangover.

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