30 September 2006

Kunst Ist Scheisse

Kunst Ist Scheisse
The Caravan of Love
30 September 2006
Festival Hub, The Lithuanian Club

The Kunst may be Sheisse, but this is Kabaret (with a K) at its best: sexy, funny, inappropriate and political. Be prepared to moan with delight and pop your pop culture popper as you are enticed by the four gorgeous kunst(ists) of The Caravan of Love.

This is the country of Snowmanlandia, where Kunst ist Sheisse (Art is Shit) and a traveling caravan of four “performing misfits” have set down.

In a similar vein to The Burlesque Hour (seen at the Speigeltent) and Girlesque (seen in lesbian clubs), The Caravan of Love tear apart cabaret and burlesque to construct their own fabulous genre. Created as a response to our increasingly conservative society, Kunst ist Sheisse continually explores our expectations of female “normality” and proves that anger, lust and silliness are all vital to our lives.

Alice Palermo, Eva Johansen, Kate Sumner and Carla Rinaudo have been honing their troupe, with monthly performances since 2004. Their approach is original, their costumes are divine, their politics are sharp and all are very accomplished, dancers, singers and performers.

Put Snowmanlandia (the totally perfect Lithuanian Club) on your list of places to visit this week. This is my Fringe highlight to date and deserves many adoring fans.
This review originally appeared on AussieTheatre.com.

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