11 April 2010

Workshop Opportunities at addFEST

MUST (Monash University Student Theatre) is running addFEST (Artistic Development Festival) from 12 April 1 to 1 May.

Workshops include Short Film Making, Acting for Film and TV, Bollywood Dancing, Puppetry, Stage Combat, Singing, Shakespeare, Close Hand Magic, Juggling, Lighting Design, Set Design, Production
Management, Producing, Stage Management, Trash Theatre with Sisters' Grimm, Dance, Directing, Bouffon, Playwrighting, Mask Making, Accents, Photography, Voice, Object Theatre and Devising New Work.

For a ridiculously cheap fee ($3 to $15), you can work with SometimesMelbourne favourites like Penelope Bartlau, Jason Lehane and the Sisters Grimm.

Download the brochure here.

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