30 November 2011

Last Tuesday's Poet Laureate is Live on Air

It was bloody hot last night, but the hottest spot in town was The Last Tuesday Society's Occupy Xmas: their fourth Christmas spectacular.

If anyone wants to wipe out Melbourne's indie theatre scene, poison the pear cider and gluten-free ale at a Last Tuesday gig.  As it's here that hosts and founders Richard Higgins and Bron Batten assemble the most ridiculously talented (and the most ridiculous) folk around and make them perform for Melbourne's hipsters*.

Everything at the Xmas gig was new material. Some will fade into legend, like:
  • The Suitcase Royale's "Merry Christmas You Cunts" song
  • Bron's attempt to get snogged
  • Max Gilles as Lord Mayor Doyle
  • The Sisters Grimm's delicate re-telling of Jack and the Beanstalk.
While others were glimpses of new shows, like:

Live on Air with Poet Laureate Telia Nevile

Last night, Telia warmed my heart with a death metal ode to the apostrope. Typos can be forgiven but if you ever write it's and think it's possessive, you'll never have sex with a writer.

Live on Air is on for four shows the Butterfly Club from Thursday to Sunday. The Poet Laureate's gorgeous world is subtle, intricate and so damn funny that you'll leave in love with words for ever.

* in the original sense of the word and the more recent sense

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