29 February 2012

And the Birds Fell from the Sky

And the Birds Fell from the Sky
Arts House and Il Pixel Rosso
29 February 2012
North Melbourne Town Hall
to 18 March 2012

Very quickly.

It's a 20-minute show and only two people can see it at a time.

You're given new ears and new eyes and there's no choice but full immersion as you become the lead character in an experience that feels so close to dreaming that you may really have to pinch yourself.

It's both disconcerting and utterly delightful.

And only TWO people can see it at a time, so book now.

(Arty comment and discussion will follow, but it's nearly time for Outland on ABC1, written by SM guest writer John Richards.)

And, speaking of shows that are so fabulous that you can't get to see them,  Summertime in the Garden of Eden is so sold out that the Sisters have put on an extra show and released standing-in-the-shed room.

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