04 May 2012

PLEASE SEE 100% Melbourne

100% Melbourne
Rimini Protokoll
Melbourne Town Hall
4 May
to 6 May

Details here

I have to be up early tomorrow and won't have a chance to sit and write until after the weekend. 100% Melbourne demands a substantial reflection that I can't begin when I'm tired and haven't had the chance to read the wonderful book that comes with the show.

All I can say is SEE THIS. PLEASE. You'll not regret a moment. I was grinning inanely and crying (and trying to hide that I was crying).

There are 100 people who represent Melbourne. They are not actors. I don't know any of them! They start as statistics and gently reveal their lives through stories, treasured objects and answers to questions.

Continually surprising, it comforts and shocks as it reveals the hopes, beliefs and prejudices of the 100. But its genius is how we have no choice but to define our own statistics and wonder if we'd be brave, or stupid, enough to answer some of those questions in front of family and strangers.

But based on some of tonight's stats and revelations, here are some of mine:

I'm 43. I'm not sure what happened to the last decade.
I'm single and childless. I'm only ok with one of these.
I'm 170cm, 83kg and straight, the last time I checked.
I was born and brought up in Adelaide. And I'm as white and middle class as an Adelaidian can be. I've also lived in Sydney, Perth and Canberra.
I've lived in inner Melbourne (the south side) since 2003. I never want to move and don't know what I'm going to do when the owner's building plans are approved and I'm evicted.
I'm a freelance writer. I didn't take writing seriously until my late 30s.
I earn a lot less than when I was an arts manager/producer/director/marketer. I'm so sick of worrying about money, but I don't regret my decision to change what I did to earn money. I've also met many wonderful people who are also writers.
My greatest treasure is my cat Flue. I never understood pet people until I had my own pets. She is old and sick and that breaks my heart. I also love my other cat, Molly.
I'm writing a young adult book called Stupid and Contagious. It's funny. I have draft concept of a TV series called The Hanged Man. It's also funny and a bit creepy.  I don't like the title. I started a film called Damask. Like most first attempts, it's atrocious, but it proves to me that my writing has improved.  I haven't written any new fiction since November. This worries me.
I write good copy and will write ANYTHING if you pay me or pay my rent for me.
I have no desire to write FOR theatre, only about it.
I try not to dance or cry in public.
I didn't leave Australia until I was 40.
I believe in life after death.
I don't believe in a god.
I've seen ghosts.
I spend a LOT of time alone.
I've done things I'd like to forget.
I like Kevin Rudd.
I've lied.
I'm not living the life I dreamed of, but I'm living a life I like.


  1. nice review, the writer in 31 lines

    1. It would have been great to have met you on 100% Melbourne. I'm 63%
      I began my adventure into writing only a few years ago.
      I'm a divorced mum of four children ranging in ages from 14-7years. I'm scared of how to make a living to support my family, but I've decided to do something that I'm passionate about. Sounds like a young persons dream, but then again I'm young at heart. I also share my life with the two family dogs and our very independent cat, Kitty (yes, very original)
      And like you, I'm not living the life I dreamed of, but I'm living the life I like.

  2. Thank you Carmelina.

    I remember you from the pile of books!

    If we thought dreams were just for young people...well there wouldn't be room for many wonderful people.