05 August 2012

Today is the last chance to go to Hell

Hell House
Arts House and Back to Back Theatre

Today is your last chance to go to Hell.

Hell Houses are American conservative Christian ghost trains that take participants on a devil of ride to  hell and beyond with visits to an AIDS funeral, an abortion, a teen suicide and all sorts of ungodly behaviour before the feathery white hope of angels and the saviour. 

They are thought to have been created in the 1970s and Back to Back's house is a staged version of Pastor Robert's Hell House, which is a downloadable script and kit. Presented at a "religious artefact", 50 community volunteers re-create it as the good Pastor decrees; it's almost like verbatim theatre.

The context of the staging and performance brings up far more issues than the content of the performance and each run ends with a forum. Provocation and Belief are over, but today's is about Morality.

I have much more to say about it, but best get along and experience it before the chance is gone.


And a final word from Rowan Atkinson.

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