14 December 2012

Four Larks finishes on Sunday

The Temptation of St Antony
13 December 2012
secret location in Brunswick
to 16 December
photo by Sarah Walker

When the instructions to the secret Brunswick venue say,"if you pass the brothel or the bus depot, you've gone too far", it already has to be a good night – so to be immersed in moments of exquisite theatrical bliss is a bonus.

French writer Gustave Flaubert (1821–1880) spent 30 years writing and re-writing The Temptation of St Antony, his novel in the form of a play script that wasn't meant to be performed but proves irresistible to artists. It's about St Anthony, a monk who shuts himself away in an Egyptian desert to be closer to God but doubt and exhaustion call temptations.  It was last seen in Melbourne as a production by Robert Wilson at the 2007 Melbourne Festival.


If you want to read the text, here it is.

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