22 March 2013

March review previews

My internet is still dodgy, I'm still surrounded by boxes and my goal to set up my office this afternoon wasn't achieved, but I have washed my hair, slapped on makeup and have made it back to the theatre this week.

Group Show
21 March 3013
Northcote Town Hall
to 30 March

MKA's Group Show is MKA's version of a short play season and it's the best night of short plays I've seen. Really.

Review to come, but don't wait because this is great stuff.

Here's the review.

Conversation Piece
Lucy Guerin Inc, Belvoir and Arts House
19 March 2013
Meat Market, Arts House
to 24 March 2013

Conversation Piece is the only show in the Dance Massive festival that I've managed to see and it left me wanting to talk and rave and see it again.

Lucy Guerin's work makes me understand contemporary dance; her choreography has a visceral effect that goes beyond the physical, lets me know what she and her dancers were thinking and leaves me cursing that words can be a useless form of expression.  And this is so much more than dance. To say it’s part-impro, part-dance, past-performance doesn’t do justice to any form as it becomes something original and is created from a premise that you will relate to if you read internet reviews.

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