20 July 2013

Mini review: This is beautiful

This is beautiful
The Public Studio
19 July 2013
Tower Theatre, Malthouse Theatre
to 3 August

This is beautiful is the second work in Malthouse's independent theatre program, Helium. As performance art, it never claims to be theatre.

There are three screens, a large fruit and flower display, and three black lumps from which three dress-clad performers appear and ask questions about beauty.

I describe theatre and art as beautiful a lot. This work made me want to define what I think is beautiful.

Beautiful art:
  • is created from your heart more than your head
  • tells me something I didn't know about you
  • reveals something that lets me connect with you and your view of the world
  • is created by people who know their audience is smarter than they are
  • asks questions beyond the obvious
  • shares and celebrates.

Beauty has little connection with aesthetic choice.

This is beautiful is many things, but I didn't think it was beautiful.

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