24 October 2013

FESTIVAL: In Spite of Myself

In Spite of Myself
Sans Hotel, Arts Centre Melbourne, Melbourne Festival
10 October 2013
Fairfax Studio, Arts Centre Melbourne
to 13 October

In Spite of Myself was developed for the Melbourne Festival in a two-month residency, at Arts Centre Melbourne, by local performance artist Nicola Gunn and her company, Sans Hotel.

With old women making Plasticine animal sculptures, a dance called ‘Carpet Burn’ and the introduction of the word ‘hopening’ to our arts language, it’s an inspired reminder that making art is serious stuff that must never be taken too seriously.

The show starts in the foyer that’s filled with the kind of art that people nod approvingly at because they don’t want to look uncultured.

But it’s ok to laugh, or just not get it, because it’s followed by a lecture about this (fictional) art made by the (fictional) artist Nicola Gunn, which is presented by Nicola Gunn, who performs as someone talking about Nicola Gunn.

It’s hard to find the dancing line between fiction and self-absorbed confession in this work that adoringly welcomes and wickedly mocks its audience of fervent festival goers.

In Spite of Myself  is originally fresh, visually gorgeous and so hilariously surprising that it’s impossible to compare Gunn to anyone else, except maybe the fictional artist Nicola Gunn

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