22 January 2014

Mini review: Death Threats (and Other Forms of Flattery)

Death Threats (and Other Forms of Flattery)
Darebin Arts's Speakeasy
21 January 2014
Northcote Town Hall
to 22 January 2014

Since their first trip down under in 2007, New York's Wau Wau Sisters have been welcomed back with open legs, ticket sales and a growing legion of dedicated fans, except in Brisbane where they got death threats and the audience had to pass through a metal detector before their first drink. One knife and Bible were found.

Death Threats (and Other Forms of Flattery) showcases the content that attracted the most hate. Yes, conservative Christian right wingers will always think that Reject Shop glittery nail polish stigmata is more offensive than threatening to stab someone for laughing at hypocrisy. Right on!

It's easy to laugh at the ridiculousness of it – more so at the plus side of being upgraded to a five-star hotel, having body guards and given alias names – and making a new show about it is a sure way to laugh away any power that the god-fearer created.

And even more on the plus side is that Wau Wau fans get to see some of their favourite numbers and Wau Wau virgins can see what the fuss is all about.

And there's only one more chance to see them: TONIGHT! 

If you find nudity, sexuality, glitter, underwear and wondering what it would be like to fuck Jesus offensive, bring your notepad and poison pen, but don't be surprised if you leave converted to the side that worships gold body paint.

And get excited because Adrienne Wau Wau is bringing her Edinburgh Festival hit, Asking For It: a One-Lady Rape about Comedy, to the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

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