25 November 2014

GET INVOLVED: What Melbourne loved, 2014

It's nearly time for the third "What Melbourne loved" series.

Calpurnia Descending. Photo by Brett Boardman

In the many years that I've been writing this blog, this is the most popular thing on it and easily my favourite thing to collate, edit and write.

It's open to everyone.

If you want to be involved (and haven't been emailed or joined the Facebook event), please send your contribution to Sometimesmelbourne AT hotmail DOT com. All you have to do is answer:

What was your favourite theatre moment in 2014?

It could be a show, a conversation in a foyer, a lighting design moment that made you shiver or anything.

And include a jpeg image with photographer credit (if needed).

The series will be starting in December and I can tell you that the first day will be cast members of Calpurnia Descending (which I suspect will get a mention or two).

What Melbourne loved in 2013
What Melbourne loved in 2012

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