20 February 2016

Mini review: POINT8SIX

La Mama
17 February 2016
La Mama
to 21 February

Adam Cass. Photo by Jason Cavanagh

Tim Wotherspoon writes mind-twisting, hilarious sci-fi that makes his audience continually re-think everything they've seen.

POINT8SIX starts as a time-travel story that breaks the rules about time travel, the future and the past – I think. With East Berlin, human robots, 1970s albums, David Bowie, hints of bright orange, and time that loops like a spirograph, trying to keep up with the plot is a trip in itself – just don't forget to sit back and enjoy the Absurd comedy.

Directed by Kirsten Von Bibra, the pace matches the rhythm of the script and the cast (Wotherpoon, Adam Cass, Brianagh Curran, Matt Furlaini, Amy Jones and Yvette de Ravin Turner) understand the sci-fi and mystery, but leave it up to the audience to find the truth.

It finishes this weekend at La Mama, but I'm sure we'll see it again.

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