13 May 2016

Sixty two

The Australia Council lifted the organisational funding embargo today instead of Monday. Sixty two companies have lost their organisational funding.

Read about it here on ArtsHub.

Look that list.

It's only a fraction of it.

And, as our major dailies have slashed arts writing, the outrage, heartbreak and small-minded ignorance that has led to that decision isn't being shared much beyond the communities that it affects.

Remember when we all wrote letters to the senate about the cuts to the Oz Co budget. Did anyone who made those decisions read them?

How many jobs are lost?

How many jobs won't exist in the next years?

If it made any sense...

All I'm reading on Facebook is sadness. Today, they broke us.

But we still have tomorrow.

And the opportunity to vote them out. Oz Co money is federal money. We have an election in July.

#IStandWithTheArts on Twitter.

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