30 March 2018

MICF: Grace

Katie Reddin-Clancy
29 March 2018
Butterfly Club
to 1 April

Grace. Katie Reddin-Clancy

Alfie and Grace were a successful vaudeville double act, but Alfie has realised that it's time to be Zora, and Grace is challenged by sharing the stage with anther women instead of a man.

Katie Reddin-Clancy is from London and creates characters who work or worked at the theatre where Alfie and Grace are meant to headline. The show feels like it belongs downstairs the Butterfly Club with mirrors offering different reflections and dark corners for ghosts of forgotten shows to hide in.

Each character explores aspects of gender and mental health, and their personal stories create the world around Zora, the character we most want to meet.

There's a lot of important issues being discussed and shared, but the fascinating story about Zora, especially Grace's relationship with Zora, gets a bit lost in the discussion.

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