25 November 2018

Contribute: What Melbourne Loved in 2018

It's time for the those end-of-year best-of lists.

The Director. It's on at ArtsHouse this week. It's great! Photo by Bryony Jackson

Here at SM, we celebrate more than star ratings and adjectives and out-of-context quotes.

We share those moments that made us remember why we love theatre. We share our love for artists, creatives, writers, companies, makers, those who work behind the scenes, and all those everyone who make the theatre industry in Melbourne so damn awesome.

Everyone is welcome to contribute. I can promise you that people want to read about the shows, artists and moments you loved.

And, as I've had a quiet writing year, readers need all of your voices to build that archive of shows from 2018. (I might poke some of you so that I can write something about work of yours that I saw and wasn't able to write about.)

Last year, our most loved show was Nanette by Hannah Gadsby. This year, as she performed it in the UK and the USA and it was released on Netflix, the rest of the world agreed with us. Time has just declared it the best stand up show of 2018. SM readers knew this.

As always, all you have to do is answer these questions and send a photo that you like.

And if you want to hear from someone, ask them.

What was your favourite moment in Melbourne theatre in 2018? 

What are you looking forward to in Melbourne theatre in 2019?

To make it even easier this year, here's a Google form.

Or you can email.



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