08 February 2019

MIDSUMMA: Michael and the Mascs

Michael and The Mascs: My Vanity Project
Michael Lindner and The Mascs
6 February 2019
Gasworks Arts Park
to 9 February

Michael Lindner

It's not a review rather than a bells-on recommendation for a show that finishes on Saturday.

Michael Linder has been working in musicals and cabaret all over the place since the early 90s, but he's never done a gig.

So it's time to grab a four-piece masc band and fix that. It's also time to sing the songs that he grew up listening to – 1950s and 60s women – and to celebrate the 1970s and 80s kid who pretended to be Ann Margret and Sleeping Beauty, and has never stopped loving Cyndi Lauper.

It's awesome to see artists settle into their true voices and know that making the art that feels right for you is always going to reach the hearts of your audiences.

PS. If you're a Grace of My Heart fan, you have to go.

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