09 April 2013

Live AFL commentary at the Comedy Festival

MICF 2013
Pugg Mahones
12 and 20 April

Face it, if you live in this wonderful town and don't have an AFL team, you should just leave now.

I'd say go to Sydney, but you won't even be able to avoid it there when the Swans have a home game.

Seriously, if you like theatre and haven't been to the G for a game, what are you doing? Thousands of overly passionate people watching a story where no one knows the ending. If all stage stories were as tension-filled and dramatic as a good match, theatres would be full every night.  Or just go to see Collingwood fans in action; just don't get too close. Or there's the nannas who bus over from Adelaide with their hand-knitted Crows scarfs. And I've never seen heartbreak like Saints fans in 2010

My favourite part of the 2012 final was (a) no Collingwood and (b) that HG and Roy were back on the radio calling it for us with brain cells. And I quite like the Swans, so it was a good day.

There's a lot to love and a lot to hate about AFL culture, and the tv commentators are firmly on the hate list. I like to believe they sit in their media box with a couple of sticky notes on the desk that read "State the bleeding obvious" and "Be really dull".

So how great is it that the Footycouch team are back for MICF to commentate four matches. And what a shame that you have to go to a pub to see them live and the match on a big screen.

They have two more night matches this festival season:

Round 3, Fremantle vs Essendon, Friday 12 April
Round 4, West Coast vs Carlton, Saturday 20 April

Booking details are here.

And, I know that there's at least one Perth native in the commentary team, so it's going to be interesting.