30 March 2018

MICF: Duets with Myself

Duets With Myself
Charlotte Kerr
30 March 2018
Butterfly Club
to 1 April

Charlotte Kerr

There's a 5.30 slot at The Butterfly Club. It's perfect for after work or for starting early and seeing five shows a night. I'm not doing five a night, but I'll cheer on anyone who does.

It's also a great time for shows that are finding their feet and their audience. See new work. Support emerging artists. It takes time to get amazing and the only way shows get better is by getting in front of audiences.

I don't believe anyone who says they don't talk to themself. How else do you have an intelligent conversation? How else do you get the criticism that you think you deserve? No one is as mean to us as we are to ourselves.

Charlotte wants to sing with Charlotte – who wouldn't? – but Charlotte doesn't want anything to do with Charlotte because Charlotte keeps nagging her. Luckily Charlotte also listens to Charlotte – sometimes.

Charlotte Kerr also has to trust that she's fascinating enough as Charlotte and to trust that an audience want to hear her sing. The space between character and performer was a bit fuzzy, but neither needed to be worried; a quiet audience can really be enjoying themselves.

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