31 March 2018

MICF: Virgin Bloody Mary

Virgin Bloody Mary
Nadia Collins

30 March 2018
The Butterfly Club
to 8 April

Virgin Bloody Mary. Nadia Collins

Why has no one told me about this show?

Mary's white dress is complemented with a large wooden rosary and crucifix – it is Easter after all  –  and she has a sparklie halo, so we know who's already on her side.

And they have her phone number.

Without giving it away, Mary finds herself with child. The Nativity is, after all, one of the best known stories and artists have been responding to it since it was first published. I believe I played a fine Mary in my kindergarten nativity play*.

Virgin Bloody Mary is feminist, sacrilegious, smart-as, divinely-filthy, you-can't-go-there, physical clowning that earns every "OMFG!".

Maybe there is a bit of sacred in everyone? Maybe women are way cooler than religious texts describe them? Maybe it's really time to get over the whole virgin or whore thing?

I'm surprised Nadia Collins hasn't earned herself some protesters. But, we know who's on her side.

Book me in for the Christmas Eve show now. And please make sure there isn't a spare seat on Easter Sunday.

*Don't bring children to this one.

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