14 November 2007

OK, So That Bit Was Easy

Tonight I watched the new great Aussie quiz show - “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader”. Turns out I am. I knew what word is an amalgamation of web and log. I just don’t do it. (The contestant was a 20 something student welfare officer. He had no idea what a blog was and was rightly beaten by a group of far-too-cheery nine year olds.)

Feelings of intellectual superiority aside, it prompted me to finally get around to this. I write. I study writing. I sometimes get published. So, it's blog time.

I read some, envy some, ignore most, but it’s time to stake out my own little patch of cyber space. Ten minutes ago I was among the blogless. Fifteen minutes ago I wasn't sure where to start. Turns out this blog thing is really quite easy.

How To Have Your Own Blog 1. Go to blogs you read and use the same site they do.
Seriously - that's how easy it is. I’m here -that's how easy it is. And no longer can I scoff at the geekiness of those who type their lives into the web.

OK, now what………….. Perhaps I was still on a high from realising that I was way smarter than a fifth grader. And I do have a chapter of a novel I’m dying to re-write. And I did write nearly 800 words of a review tonight. So lets save the creativity for times when there is anyone other than me reading this.

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