21 February 2010

What to see at the Adelaide Fringe?

Sometimes I'm in Adelaide, but not right now.

Almost everyone who loves festivals is. Melbourne seems almost quiet with so many artists and creators and audiences off in the Coopers-drinking city, wondering how Adelaide (yes dreary little Adels) can get its fringe and arts festival so right, while Melbourne (yes exciting, sophisiticated Melbourne) can't master the formula.

I'd be there if I could, and anyway - there's always next year.

But for all those enjoying the the bliss of The Garden of Unearthly Delights and everything else that is Fringe, here are some shows I've seen that really, really, really must be put on your must see list.

The show name links to their Fringe page and the review links to my review of the show.

The List Operators
The List Operators for Kids

Coles Girls

The Hamlet Apocalypse

Mickey D - Walking Home
Reviews. Ok, it's not a review of this show - but this one will be just as good.

Sammy J and Randy: Ricketts Lane
Reviews of other shows.

Spontaneous Broadway

The Boy with Tape on His Face

The Burlesque Hour

Circus Trick Tease

And The Little One Said

Dos or Duo
Review (it's top of my list for the Comedy Festival!)

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