08 February 2010

Coming Soon

I had great plans to blog while I was away, but that didn't even get near happening.

I managed some daily Facebook updates (so my mum knew that I was still alive), but blogging isn't a priority when you're collapsing exhausted or re-packing your case and wishing that the next bus or flight didn't leave at 7am. And blogging is no where near as fun as sitting on a tiny plastic stool in the middle of a polluted street drinking cheap beer with amazing people from all over the world.

But I'm back in Melbourne. The streets are so clean and the traffic is so sparse and so orderly. I can pat animals again, brush my teeth with water from the tap and I don't have to carry anti-diarrhoea tablets and a bottle of hand disinfectant everywhere. I am clean, I have access to a hair straightener and I'm not wearing my Kathmandu travel pants for three days in a row. And everyone is so white and fat and healthy.

That sounds like I don't love south east Asia. I do. I love the chaos, the madness, the wonderful people (even the rude bastards who yell and lie and try and get every dollar they can out of you) and being in places that are both beautiful and heartbreaking.

But I'm home, I'm eating Vegemite on multigrain toast, and coming soon (I'd like to say this week, but I make no promises) is:
  • A review of The Pyramid. Another wonderful, wonderful script presented by Three to a Room.
  • A review of Dispatch. A gorgeous and moving work from Barking Spider theatre.
(I knew I was home when I saw two shows the day I was back.)
  • A guest blog on Aerohaveno Tim Richards's terrific travel blog. I think it'll be about eating insects and spiders. Ok, I admit that I piked on the tarantulas, but I thought about it.
  • A review of The Writers Tale. I 've already started reading it and have over 700 pages of Saint Russell T Davies talking about writing Dr Who to go. And I have my 150,000 dong pirate DVD of seasons 1-4 of the new Dr Who to refresh my memory.
  • All old reviews from 2007 and 2008.
  • Some musing on Kuala Lumpur, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Saigon, Hoi an, Ha noi and Ha long. 

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