28 March 2010

Review: PhatCave

Phat Cave
7 March 2010
Tuxedo Cat

If you think the Festival Club has become too mainstream or you can't cope with those punters who come in from the burbs to see those guys who are so funny on the footy show, you need Phat Camp at the Phat Cave.

Host Mickey D is taking underground comedy back where it belongs: deep under the city. Entering the Tuxedo Cat (355 Flinders Lane) is reminisecent of being trapped in a WW2 French Resistence bunker, but there is beer instead of Nazis at the end of the tunnel.

Phat Cave is a rare opportunity to see comedy festival folk trying out new shit (be prepared for deaths) or doing the material they know they can't do in a public show. If you're easily offended...go along anyway and see just how horrified you can be.

I'd like to talk about the horrors and comedic atrocities that I saw early this morning, but there is only one Phat Cave rule: What happens at Phat Cave, stays in the Phat Cave.

Like the Flight Club reference, it's a bit blokey, so chick comics, please demand to appear in the Cave or say yes please when Mickey D asks you to check out his Phat.

Phat Cave was late night standing room only at the Adelaide Fringe, so get in early before the word gets out and the Phat Cave becomes an over-crowded  fire risk.

Phat Cave is Saturday and Sunday nights during the Comedy Fest from 11.00 until they finish.

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