31 March 2010

Review:Prophecy of the Quantum Child

Prophecy of the Quantum Child
28 March 2010
Trades Hall

This review might be perfect food for Vigilantelope’s Doesn’t Matter Hole: an evil ... umm ... hole that feeds on banality and leaves anyone near it too apathetic to move.
I kept missing Vigilantelope’s sold out and raved about first show and really wish that I hadn’t. Not only because I like seeing shows called brilliant but because I’d know if Prophecy of the Quantum Child is suffering from second album syndrome or if I just don’t get this guys.

Vigilantelope are like an awesome box of Christmas crackers, filled with never-want-to-take-off funny hats and a collection of above average jokes that cause genuine guffaws. All terrific stuff, but I’m far more interested in the hearty feast that follows the cracker pulling.

The Vigilantelopes are bloody funny, originally odd and have a following of dedicated fans, but I just didn’t get it.

There were many jokes and some knee-slapping spastic dancing, but it was supported by content either so old that the younger members of the audience missed it (has anyone under 30 read The Da Vinci Code?) or so obvious that the laughs came from familiarity. Yes all accountants are boring farts, corporate giants are evil and Brittany Spears may not be a truly talented artist.

I wanted to care about the Quantum Child’s final choice and cheer when the cyborg became human. Instead, I giggled a bit and forget most of the show before I’d walked out the door. It’s the comedy with heart and guts that we remember.

If you like your Comedy Festival with a pizza, a few beers and some harmless giggles, Prophecy of the Quantum Child may be just what you’re after. I just didn’t get it.

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