05 May 2010

Deveny V Wowsers

Catherine Deveny sacked for tweets

If it were possible, I'd spend all of today writing a very long and angry tirade about what is wrong with the decision to fire Dev from The Aged.

Let alone begin to analyse the ignorance of some of the supporting comments on The Aged site, Twitter and countless blogs. None which come near to Neil Mitchell, who said on radio that she should be damned. Damned, Neil Mitchell? She should be damned?

I didn't read her tweets from the Logies - but The Aged has printed most for us all to enjoy.  They fired her for writing them because they offended the readership, but printed them in case their readership hadn't yet read them. Makes complete sense.

I read the Bindi one (it's been reprinted enough) as a belief that dressing a little girl up like an eager to please wannabe starlett is slightly obscene and that perhaps bringing an 11-year-old to the industry's biggest piss up is an odd decision.

If the charmers on The Footy Show made a joke about Bindi's buds and her looking like she's nearly ready to date (read blow) Collingwood recruits, it'd be reported as a jolly good joke and  followed by whinging about feminists with hairy armpits who have no sense of humour and nothing better to do than complain because they can't get a root.

Sometimes it's embarrassing to be part of an educated society that has no sense of humour and seems incapable of seeing its own appalling behaviour.

So, last night I be-friended Catherine on Facebook. It's a tiny gesture, but she deserves every bit of support possible, and I'm beginning to feel more comfortable in my world again. The outpouring of support on her page, the wonderful comments on The Aged site and Twitter, and everyone else who is blogging their shock into cyberspace (especially those who don't like her writing) is a reminder that there is enough decency out there to overcome the wowsers.

PS: It's no secret that I am a fan of Catherine's writing. And I haven't shaved my armpits this week.

AND her return season of God is Bullshit opens tonight at Trades Hall. Should be an interesting season.

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