06 May 2010

What to see this weekend?

If you have two free nights this weekend, book in both of these. One will make you weep and the other make you sing.

That Face
Red Stitch
until 29 May

Astonishing script, stunning direction and a cast who will make you cry. It's the best thing I've seen Red Stitch do (and I like everything they do). After again being disappointed by the MTC, this show reminded me what it was like to sit on the edge of my seat close to tears.

[title of show]
until 15 April

It's so meta it makes Seinfeld look like The Brady Bunch. This is the Australian premiere and the first production of [tos] with a new cast - and they (and the show) are fabulous.  If you've ever hated musical theatre, this'll make you fall in love with it all over again.

Full reviews soon.

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