18 August 2010

GIVEAWAY: Daisy Chain

Sometimes I have to miss shows that I'd really like to see  – but you don't. And you can win a free ticket.

Rouse House Theatre Company's Daisy Chain is on at Theatre Works until Saturday.

It's described: "A re-telling of the Orpheus and Eurydice legend, where a young couple are separated while on a picnic. The young man's search for his missing friend leads him to a small, isolated village where nothing is quite what it seems to be. Or, then again, maybe it is.

Pain, punishment and consequence; hope, love and death; notions of Hell and the difficulty of just getting life right, are all thrown into the pot. In the tradition of drama that challenges, Daisy Chain
confronts our ideas and presents new perspectives for our scrutiny - never forgetting that humour is the best sugar for a intellectually challenging pill."

Australian Stage said:
"Rarely do we get an opportunity to engage with life's big questions that offers both intellectual and philosophical nourishment in a way that is also life-affirming and tremendous fun. Daisy Chain is such an opportunity."    Danu Poyner

Rouse House Theatre would like to offer two complimentary double passes for a Sometimes Melbourne reader. If you'd like to come along to any of the remaining performances, email your name to theatreworks@fastmail.fm by 4 pm Thursday 19 August with Sometimes Melbourne as your subject.  The first two people to email will each win a double pass and will emailed with a confirmation by 5 pm on Thursday night.

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