22 August 2010

GIVEAWAY: MORE Kunst ist Scheisse

Well, we don't have a federal government and our federal fate may still come down to Julia and Tony having a game of rock, paper, scissors – but the seat of Melbourne is now Green. Lets hope it's the beginning of positive change.

If you're sick of politics, there's always kunst.

The wonderfully sexy, sassy and savvy Kunst ist Scheisse is back at 24 Moons this Wednesday (25 August). It'll be hot, it'll be funny and there may be one or two observations about the state of our political system. And there's a bar with a cocktail menu that proves why we love Melbourne.

This week's line up includes Benn Bennett and Wes Snelling’s absurd and infectious Black Bag (4 Stars, The Age), a preview of multiple award nominee Telia Nevile’s new comedic poetry show, 4.5 star performer Eva Johansen, the inner monologue of irregular performer Kip Brennan, Painfully Audacious’ unique modern burlesque and the Caravan of Love who are “every bit as balmy and intricately arousing as a bubble bath with Bertolt Brecht" (4 ½ stars, Helen Razer, The Age). Check out their Facebook page for more info.

Kunst ist Scheisse has three double pass for Sometimes Melbourne readers for Wednesday 25 August at 8pm. Email your name to kunst@internode.on.net by 5 pm on Tuesday 24 August with "Sometimes I want kunst" as your subject. The winners will be emailed on Tuesday night.

If you don't win, tickets are $10 at the door and 24 Moons is in ACDC Lane (off Flinders Lane).

Due to a technical error (read me stuffing up the email link), the deadline has been extended to lunchtime tomorrow.

If you want to get along to this bloody terrific cabaret email kunst@internode.on.net by 2 pm tomorrow.

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