22 February 2011

Do we really still care about David W?

Oh dear, Don Parties On and On and On has opened in Sydney and we have to start caring about David again. Gee, thanks super political writer  Annabel Crabb and lovely Ms TN Alison Croggon for responding.

Haven't we got better things to do? I saw some amazing shows this week and they're not getting a squillionth of the national media attention.

But then, if I'm to believe David Williamson, I'm one of "a handful of self appointed cognescenti" (dumbfucks in the more common vernacular) who want "to prevent the public from enjoying what they happen to enjoy now." 

David didn't like the Crikey.com review of his latest cash cow and told the reviewer so. And if any one needed a tall horse that week, it was a tough find, as many joined David on their own high equus.

When I first read the comments on Crikey, I thought it was a a satirical genius pretending to be a pompous, verbose playwright who was really hurting because a web reviewer didn't like his play. I was wrong as. It really was David. He even gave a formal reply (you have to be a Crickey subscriber to read it, but there is a free trial).

David, if you want to convert us who didn't break a rib at DPO, please get this voice onto the stage. If  Don and his mates chatted with such indignation and hurt, I would have been rolling off my seat and giving dirty looks to anyone who dared write a nasty pasty word about you.

We've been told, by you David, that we (anyone who didn't like DPO) are too dumb (or up our own self-important bums) to understand the satire.

Ok, so you're holding up the satirical mirror, but instead of the fluro-lit circus mirror that makes these folk look like pock-marked wobbly freaks, you've dimmed the lights and chosen one of those skinny mirrors that makes you look so good that you want to carry it around with you and insist that people only look at your reflection.

The silly old boomers Don and Kath still shag, still look pretty hot, have a brilliant house, luxury cars, an articulate grandchild who reads books and an adult son who still comes to them for advice. 

Why thank you David, yes we are lucky and would you care to join us for supper so that you can write us into your next play? We're opening the Rockford's Basket Press from the cellar and Richmond Hill cheese box will be at room temperature by 9.30.

Next thing you'll be writing about a 40-something red head who wears too much Laura Ashley (always from the half price rack), isn't keen on leaving the inner city, admits she votes Greens because it's the easiest option, gets most of her political knowledge from QandA (yes David, I saw you on it) and claims that she can tell the difference between an oaked chardonnay and an aged semillion in a blind tasting. 

Clearly the reviews didn't close the show and I suspect that anyone who chose to give DPO a miss based on my opinion, probably did so because we have similar thoughts about theatre and life (and they can taste varietal differences in plonk).

But for balance, please read what Alison, Richard and Martin thought.  Naturally, also read the ones David said were good. Here's the one from Variety and The Herald Sun is meant to be a rave, but all I could find was this one.

Of course, the above reviewers will be meeting in a secret spot later today to decide what we want to stop the public enjoying next week. I'm suggesting that cup cakes be banned from children's parties, cinema choc tops be filled with hot sand and post-sex cuddling be restricted to 60 seconds.

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