14 February 2011

Taylor Mac's here until Wednesday

I've just got back from seeing the exquisite and glorious Taylor Mac at the Recital Centre. The raving review will come, but not in time to catch him.

Anyone who saw The Be(a)st of Taylor Mac in 2008 knows that he must never be missed again.

Compared to many, but incomparable, Taylor is the kind of performer who stopped caring about what people "wanted" and let himself become his own authentic creation. There's a lot of glitter and sequins in his finery, but none shine as much Taylor himself. His performance isn't technically brilliant, but it grabs your heart in ways that remind you who you really are and proves that if you let your true and honest self onto the stage (even if it's exaggerated), you will find love and connection with your audience.

Book at www.melbournerecital.com.au. There are only a few seats left for each night.

PS: This afternoon as I put on make up I grabbed my favourite gold glitter eyeshadow, then put it down because I had to make an appearance at somewhere that wasn't a theatre and went for the matt browns. Never again. Taylor has made me promise that I will wear glitter when and where ever I want.

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