13 March 2012

Photo disaster

So, I deleted my blog Picasa album off my phone (bloody auto sync) and one simple tap deleted the album completely. I've LOST all the pics from this blog.

Are there any blogger nerds who can help?

Forums tell me that this is a common problem and I've been reading about other bloggers who can hardly type though the tears.

LESSON: Blogger automatically creates you a Picasa album for all pics. This is only saved online, not on your computer (which is what happens when you save your personal pics to Picasa).

If you have an Android phone and auto sync is on (which is will be because you can't do anything on an andriod phone without your Google account details), the Picasa albums will appear in your gallery.

I thought (and so have others) that deleting such a huge album from the gallery would just delete it from the phone. NUP. With no warning, it deletes it from Picasa and all blog pics disappear. No recovery.

Devastated: yes.

Hating Google: YES. I've never hated them until today.

Only good thing, speaking to a woman from Google Sydney who really felt sorry for me and is going to escalate the concern.

Hope that she can do anything: tiny.

I do have some backups, but still going to have to load them and old ones are going to be tough to find. It's going to take a long time.

If you have pics from your shows and want them back on the review ASAP, send them to me at sometimesmelbourne@hotmail.com and I'll get them up.

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