09 March 2012

Review: And the Birds Fell from the Sky

And the Birds Fell from the Sky
Arts House and Il Pixel Rosso
29 February 2012
North Melbourne Town Hall
to 18 March 2012

Only two people at a time and experience Il Pixel Rosso's And the Birds Fell from the Sky. It's described as an immersive video-goggle performance but it feels like dreaming.

In the newly opened (and wonderful) warehouse space at the back of the North Melbourne Town Hall, you're taken to a small room and given new ears and eyes. With ear buds, black-out goggles with their own screen and a voice telling you what to do, there's no choice but complete trust as you become the lead character in a 20-minute trip with three clowns, who may or may not be on your side.

Il Pixel Rosso (Simon Wilkinson and Silvia Mercuriali) are from the UK and Birds is brought to Melbourne as part of the Arts House program run by the City of Melbourne. Local performers are guiding audiences and must have terrific stories about the reactions of people who can't see or hear them.

The experience is both disconcerting and utterly delightful. Like a dream, it jumps to times and places that are unknown yet familiar, and there's an undercurrent of danger, but you know you're totally safe having a personal guide in the unseen space around you. It's remarkably intimate but almost totally anonymous.

Even with performances every 15 minutes, only two people can see this at a time (and don't worry if you're by yourself), so be among the lucky few to experience this unforgettable world and book.

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