27 April 2012

Declan Greene wins Max Afford Award

I know that Declan Greene's writing is bloody wonderful, but I can't give him $10k and a spot in PlayWriting Australia’s National Script Workshop.

But the Trust Company can and he's been awarded the Max Afford Playwrights' Award for Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography.

Late last year, local wonders MKA gave us a reading of Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography (with Scott Gooding and can someone please tell me the name of the other actor). It hurt to watch as it was so-close-to-middle-age-reality that laughing was the only way to cope with its glorious cruelty. His two desperate characters are impossible to love and their banter makes Whose Afraid Of Virgina Wolf  look like an episode of Friends. It was my favourite new script from last year. I even paid $7 to see it!

And MKA are including it in their Berlin series of readings. It's not the name of the series; they are going to Berlin. I am jealous.

I can't wait to see what it becomes after the Berlin reading and the workshop. Dec, I still think you can go further and be meaner. Don't let anyone tell you to be softer.

Declan and me discussing the politics of art appreciation.

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