19 April 2012

More MICF previews

The highlight of seeing The Pygama Men was helium-filled Dorothy's escape to the Princess roof.

And this dessert.

We all have to have a week or two that just doesn't crack a smile.

Having one coincide with the laughing festival isn't the best idea and I've seen very few shows. But there was running, I have new boots and had a Haigh's chocolate Murray cod, so it aint that bad.

In the Middle of No One
The Pajama Men
18 April 2012
Princess Theatre
to 21 April

What's worse than being the only person in a room laughing? Being the only one not laughing – and not knowing why the rest of the theatre is cacking itself.

The Pajama Men are slick and skilled and charming in a nerdy way, have won a stack of international awards and have mobs of adoring fans all over the place.  In the Middle of No One is a series of sketches (filled with jokes but no pay off) that are finally linked with some neat story telling at the end. The two pj-clad men play every part.

I glare at people who dare to talk in the theatre but, I broke my own rule (and we were in mostly empty row) as my date asked, "Why are they laughing?". All I could say was, "I don't know".

Are silly voices and silly walks really the way to fill a theatre?


more at aussietheatre.com

Arts Centre Melbourne
11 April
Fairfax Studio, Arts Centre Melbourne
to 22 April 

I fell in love with Contact at the 2011 Carnegie 18, the Arts Centre's new musical series, as did everyone who saw it and its first full production is as awesome as a team trip to Bali after winning a final. 

This is what I said about the first season and there's not much more to add. I can't wait to see it's next stage of development.

This is opera for sport fans and sport for opera fans and so funny that you'll love it even if you're not a fan of either. 

Candy B, Australian Booty: The Fatty-Boom-Boom Remix
11 April 2012
Red Bennies
to 15 April

Note the venue change for the weekend.
Hairy Little Sista - 5pm, Sunday
Tuxedo Cat, 11.15pm Saturday
$10 tix at the door

Attendance at a Candy B's Australian Booty: The Fatty-Boom-Boom Remix show should be compulsory, as it's impossible to leave without feeling damn hot and wanting to shake your booty all over town.

Ok, so the chances of me shaking my booty are slim (I am an uptight white chick who can't dance and knows that she can never say "You go girl"), but that's the only thing about me that has ever been slim and I'm standing with Candy and her gorgeous musical director and sister Busty Beatz to reclaim the sexiness of fatty boom boom.

From the moment Candy struts onto the stage in her "sexy-arse, body-hugging red dress", she own the room and the hearts of everyone in the audience – and most of their libidos.


... Plus One
7 April 2012
Trades Hall
to 22 April

... Plus One had me at Hootie & The Blowfish and a navy-blue sleeveless floral wrap top with a subtle frill. Hilariously nostalgic and as zeitgeist capturing as a Facebook Instagram album of mock-polaroids of zeitgeists, its interwoven story of old uni friends in their late 30s, original music and terrific performances makes it like The Big Chill for our generation, but much funnier – and no one lost their junk at war.

Fiona Harris (Skithouse, The Librarians, The Circle etc) and Mike McLeish (Keating, Shane Warne: the Musical etc) play six friends who met at uni in the 90s. This was a time when university still meant being in a nearly-popular band, share houses, unrequited love, plenty of sex, and drinking 'til you spewed.

Fast forward to now. There's a mummy blog, rewarding husbands with TV box sets, smart phone addiction, unrequited love, occasional sex, and vegan or goats cheese hors d'oeuvres at an installation opening. And as one friend wants to celebrate their bonds in art and a song (which deserves its own category at the ARIAs), others wonder if there's anything left to drink to.

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