20 June 2012

Chat: Bec Matthews from Circus Oz

From The Ground Up
Circus Oz
21 June – 28 July

Musician, teacher and mentor Bec Matthews completed a Bachelor of Music at VCA in 1999, and has since trained with the world-renowned Synergy Percussion Ensemble and Amsterdam Percussion Trio; recorded and performed with bands, orchestras and music theatre companies in Melbourne; and performed at festivals including The Melbourne International Arts Festival, Femes Funk Festival New Caledonia, The Falls Festival, Inverlock Jazz Fest, High Vibes, St Kilda Fest, The Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Castlemaine State Festival and the Copenhagen World Out Games.

She’s taught at The Women’s Circus and composed for their shows and in 2007, became percussionist, performer, composer and co-musical director for Yana Alana and Tha Paranas’s, who won a Melbourne Fringe Cabaret Award and a pile of Green Room Awards, including best musical direction and best original songs.

What do you do in From The Ground Up?
Play the drums and dangle from the ceiling.

What was the first circus trick you learnt?
I’m a musician but the first circus skill I learnt was to juggle three balls.

What circus skill do you wish you had? 
All of them!

What are you always up for?
A chat.

When did you join Circus Oz?

What do you love about Circus Oz?
Travelling to different parts of Australia and the world.

Do you remember your first trip to the circus?
Yes, my friend’s family took me to The Moscow Circus.

What’s your favourite post-show snack?
Sometimes it’s chips, sometimes it’s a carrot.

Who do you love seeing in the audience?
Smiling faces.

What’s your advice for people who want to run away to the circus?
Follow your dreams.

Where and what did you study?
Bachelor of Music at the Victorian College of the Arts.

What was your first circus performance?
With The Women’s Circus in 2005.

How many suitcases do you tour with?

When you’re touring, what can’t you leave home without?
A good book.

Where’s your favourite place to tour to?
Somewhere I haven’t been before.

Popcorn: sweet or savoury?
Savoury, for sure.

If you couldn’t be in the circus, what would you do?
Make furniture.

Are you scared of clowns?

If you could teach Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott a circus trick, what would it be?
A backflip…oh, they already know how to do that.

This was on AussieTheatre.com

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