27 June 2012

More about The Golden Dragon

As The Golden Dragon reviews are full of arty guff like "Brechtian distance" and "non-committal to the point of inscrutability"*, they may make this show seem a bit difficult, so forget us-who-like-big-words and read what Heather Flanders said on Facebook:
OK!! Tonight I saw "The Golden Dragon". Ash is one of the cast therefore I went even though I was not sure I would like/enjoy the experience. Everything I read told me it would be challenging!!! I HAVE to say I was mesmorised, challenged and sometimes out of my depth BUT then it all came together for me. AMAZING!!! I forgot Ash was up there and just went on the journey. Great cast, AMAZING writing, great production and the director must be SSSOOO talented. CONGRATS to all. Especially as this production stretched me personally. WELL DONE ALL!!!!

Yes, she's Ash's mum.

And here's an interview from The Age.

* Chris Boyd's terrific review

Photo by Melissa Cowan

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  1. Talking about "arty guff", I'm sure I've heard Roland talking (in English) about Verfremdungseffekt! Funny really. My objection to the play is that it aims so *low* and does so little. Gee... acting as a metaphor for feeling what it's like to be someone else. Deep! :D