14 November 2012

Les Mis, les movie

The Les Miserable movie isn't released until 26 December, but since the first trailer release, I've heard many fierce criticisms because they have dared to use actors instead of singers and let them sing with their natural voice.

I can't wait to hear what they say when they hear that they sung live on set!

I fell in love with the film from the first trailer showing a starved Anne Hathaway singing Fantine in tears with a voice that sounded like she was desperate, starving and broken; a raw voice that didn't remind us that she's a singer in a wig.

I wanted to write about the importance of intimacy on film, but this says it all much better, with music and pretty people (and I don't mean Russell).

I know what I'll be doing on Boxing Day and am prepared to break my "never watch Rusty" rule.

I also loved Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd  and take back my initial criticisms of HBC's voice.

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