19 November 2012


My favourite Twitter # is #SongsForTheMargaretFultonMusical. I wish I could take credit for "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Sandwich" or "Big Girls Don't Fry", but the best I could do was "Lettuce Be".

If you haven't heard, there really is a musical about Margaret Fulton, it's on at Theatre Works and the preview audiences are loving it.

Margaret Fulton: Queen of the Dessert was written by Doug Mcleod (who is one of my favourite children's and YA writers, here's his site – get his books for kids you know, but read them yourself first) and composed by Yuri Worontschak (whom I don't know, yet), and Doug especially has formed a friendship with the cooking superstar, who, rumour says, will be at opening night.

Here's a terrific interview in the Theatre Works newsletter that went out today.

There's still some $25 preview tickets available for Tuesday's performance or it runs until December 1.

And you can read about how to get tickets for the Theatre Works La Soiree fundraiser on 26 December

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