30 September 2015


Lovely Lady Lump
26 September 2015
Fringe Hub, Upstairs at Errol's
to 3 October

Fuck cancer and that horrible pale pink. Lana Schwartz was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and assures her audience that she makes it through the show and is alive at the end of her story.

This is an hilariously honest hour about cancer: making jokes in radiotherapy; getting used to strangers look at your boobs; wanting to give the "gift" back; and looking ok on the outside but being constantly exhausted, sore, tender and numb.

And there are boob puppets.

I'm in my 40s and it's frightening how breast cancer becomes a thing that everyone has some direct or indirect experience of. So if you're over 40, please book a mammogram when you book your tickets.

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