23 September 2015


Libbi Gore: Mummy Matters
20 September 2015
Fringe Hub, Lithuania Club
to 20 September 2015

Libbi Gore's Mummy Matters has some excellent advice about how to deals with mummies (who hasn't given a toddler chocolate and said "don't tell Mummy"), but it's more about how she survived the semi-super-tv-stardom of being Elle McFeast in the 1990s and found herself being remarkably normal with two kids in the suburbs.

And she's thrilled to be there. (And be on the radio.)

Libbi still has all of Elle's intelligence, wit & unashamed filth, but now there's no character to hide behind. I loved 90s Elle, but Libbi is welcoming and honest and much more fun to be with.

She talks about being a mum, dealing with Spanx, and being a Cinderella-Greer: us who were caught growing up with the image of a prince to save us but the understanding and anger that as women we should demand so much more.

And I loved being at a Fringe show with a room full of people my own age. I hope we see more of Libbi on our stages very soon.

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