08 March 2016

FOLA: Hotel Obscura

Hotel Obscura
3 March 2016
Secret hotel
to 5 March

Love Bank at Hotel Obscura
Hotel Obscura was two hours and six Live Art experiences, three as a group of 12 strangers-cum-friends, three as one-on-one experiences with artists. There were 12 individual experiences, so the other 9 could only be experienced by talking to the people who did them in the final group get together. The utter joy of this last experience was realising that it wasn't disappointing to miss some because it was possibly more fascinating to hear how people described them.

My review is at The Age/SMH.

PS. My favourite experience was Love Bank, where Caroyln Hanna leads you through a room (with an amazing view) to find your memories of love. From despair to desire, it was a remarkably exposing experience that's done without ever being made to feel exposed.

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