28 March 2016

MICF: Bridget Everett

Bridget Everett, Pound it
Presented by MICF
27 March 2016
Max Watt's  (The old Hi FI Bar)
to 3 April

Bridget Everett

"You HAVE to see this show."

I trusted the person who said it to me. And I'll bet that if you don't book to see Bridget Everett now, you will miss your chance.

From the USA, she's only performed four shows so far and MICF 2016 is already "the one when Bridgett Everett came". Pun intended.

I see many shows that claim to be filthy, alternative and outrageous; I often leave describing them as sweet little pumpkins.

Bridgett Everett is the real deal. She's so magnificently obscene and wonderfully outrageous that I may never put on a bra, wear lip gloss, or eat butter without thinking of her.

Damn it, this is reclaiming and demanding new space for women.

I saw genuine fear on some faces in the audience. Face this fear. Do it anyway. Fuck some shit up and come out the other side as a better person.

And no where in her sexually explicit show does she denigrate, humiliate or belittle anyone.

(Except her cunty relatives, but everyone has a cunty relative.)

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