14 September 2016

Melbourne Fringe 2016

Melbourne Fringe 2016
15 September – 2 October

Andi Snelling in Deja Vu

After reviewing at the last ten Melbourne Fringes, I'm having a break from blog reviews this year. My review brain was oozing out of my ears.

I'm still seeing lots of shows, will have some reviews in The Age and will be tweeting, hopefully in perfect quoteables.

Twitter #melbfringe is such a fun hashtag to hang out at. You get immediate responses to shows, can find out about last-minute ticket offers, and get to join conversations with other fringe-mad people about art, the universe and the best cheap eats near every venue.

I've met some of the absolute coolest people at #melbfringe, who I now know IRL.

And, there are super-cool writers seeing shows for AussieTheatre.com.

I am trying to answer every email; if I missed yours, send it again.

However it is impossible to see every show. It's impossible to see all the shows I really want to see. Then there are the shows that I didn't know I wanted to see until I hear how great they are...

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