29 September 2016

Review: Kill Climate Deniers

Melbourne Fringe
Kill Climate Deniers
Clan Analogue

A version of this is on The Age/SMH

In a Northcote bar, liberal lefties sculled their boutique beers and leapt to their feet to dance and cheer for a play called Kill Climate Deniers. Could Andrew Bolt be right?

At an Australian Parliament House gala, Fleetwood Mac perform – it’s filled with music jokes and has a joyous retro techno soundtrack – and armed eco terrorists attack.

To ensure no wasted taxpayer dollars, writer David Finnigan (from 2013’s controversial Kids Killing Kids) performs this version – it’s been a radio play, an album and an audio tour of Parliament House – using milk crates, an overhead projector and DJ Reuben Ingall.

Finnigan performs all the roles (all female) and interweaves the fiction with the real story about the reaction of a politician and Melbourne commentator Bolt to the play’s development funding from the ACT government.

Its satire is bitingly sharp and its truth could easily be satire. Both hurt with their absurdity.

PS. Remember that I'm tweeting piles of #melbfringe @sometimesmelb.

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