13 December 2009

Anonymous comments

Sometimes Melbourne welcomes all opinions, but does not publish anonymous comments (and has removed any that snuck though).

We all know that a two-cheek air kiss and a "Luv your work, darling" doesn't mean that the kisser loves your work. If you sneak up behind them at the after party, you might just hear them bitching about how crap you are as they drink the cheap wine you bought from Dan's with your own money.

Like telling your lover that they look fat or they can't cook or their oral sex technique leaves you cold, we don't always tell people the absolute and honest truth because we love them, we respect them or we don't want to send them to therapy.

And sometimes the opinions we share with our close and trusted friends are slightly different from those we say to the world.

Anonymous comments are usually things you won't say to someone's face.

It's like shoplifting a Sharpie from Officeworks and scribbling abuse on the toilet door of your favourite pub in the hope that it gets seen when the object of your opinion has had a few beers and needs to wee.

If you have an opinion, put your name to it. You might even change some other people's opinions.

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